Monday, 31 October 2016

All Hallows' eve?

I must be getting even older than I thought but I am finding this years focus on Halloween very tiresome.
It used to be a gentle unscary day ....a sort of run up to bonfire early reminder of a season marked by "Penny for the guy Mrs?"
Then we decided that the way it was celebrated in America was great fun and we joined in! Every year it gets more of an exaggeration of the season....
A celebration is not the word I would chose . We celebrate when we share a communion together...
But this year I have seen cards saying..." Happy Halloween"
How does that word go with vampires, bats, creepy crawlers etc...
All Hallows een is a time when we remember loved ones who have died...they don't have to be heroes or saints...but they are certainly not witches or gremlins...
Last weekend the whole of Strictly Come Dancing was given over to this "celebration"
The make up was so heavy that it was grotesque.
Today I keep faith with my loved ones...there are a lot of them...
I am too far out of the village to have any dear little children knocking on my door...but I shall be remembering my dead...with love and gratitude...
I hope there are not too many symbols of witchcraft's a time for love, not fear of the unknown.
I started by saying I was getting old....I usually let all this go by with a sigh...but us crusty old women still have a point of view....
I am hopefully not a kill joy.....but my loved ones don't deserve to be buried by all the horror.
Lighting a candle for them seems a better idea!

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  1. We detest both halloween and Bonfire Night. Excuses for excess, when both should be marked by sorrow.

  2. Neither occasion plays any part in my life except to remember to pray for the poor innocent animals whose lives are put at risk by the fireworks on both of these nights.
    I no longer open the door on Halloween since the time 8 years ago when John who was very ill opened the door and was faced by a gang of about 5 or 6 large teenage boys demanding money.
    He growled something unrepeatable and shut the door in their hostile faces.
    Peace on earth seems to have been bypassed by this generation.