Friday, 28 October 2016

Apple Pay

Yesterday I went shopping....on line....I visited a Cornish country shop which I've used before...nothing important but its stuff I like and I'm stocking up for the winter......
The whole lot in my basket at the end came to around forty pounds...
I groaned fearing a long process of paying for card, address etc.
And there on my screen it said "Apple Pay?"
I shrugged and decided to try it...
It had taken me several attempts to set it up! I have used it once in the village buying some bits and pieces but this was the first time online.
I pressed the accept button.
It then invited me to use my finger tip....this is the way I get into the iPad so I complied muttering......
On my screen came up my details but that was followed by my address....the whole experience was fast and painless....amazing new technology ....literally at my finger tip!
Since then I've had an email telling me my order is being processed. So it did all go through...
At the touch of a finger tip.
Right now I'm not sure if that's good or bad...
I hear the first Davids voice saying.."Too easy by half"
But then he was computer phobic!
I was not sure how often I would use Apple Pay when it appeared but for small items it saves having to use coins....and would be very useful in a big city if I needed to take a taxi!

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  1. That does seem to easy by half - hopefully nothing untoward will happen, but my being suspicious of innovations making it easier to pay puts me off. I still don't bank online for those reasons. Mind you, paypal is now a lot simpler and safer - I hope?

    1. I pulled out of a PayPal years ago after they told me I had bought a red satin dress! I've never trusted them since.....

  2. Well, they've never said that to me - and I'm not sure that I have the legs for one :)