Saturday, 8 October 2016

Back to "The West Wing"

Even Aaron Sorkin could not have made this one up!
The release of the damming tape of Trump's school boy boast about women has thrown the entire election across the pond into chaos.
Senior Republicans are deserting him.
He evidently thinks that as he has said sorry he should be forgiven.
I am reminded of a small boy caught doing something dreadful by his teacher.
All he has to do is say he was sorry and mean it....
But the way he spoke about women betrays a deeply flawed character...and on being caught on tape he has become a man who believes in his own abilities to overcome any gaffs by an appearance of probably worked for him once..or even twice....
But this is a man who is standing for the President of the United States of America. A job which involves meeting many people....and their wives....
He is currently refusing to stand down but senior politicians are removing their support very quickly....
As a script of fiction it is gripping drama!
But in real life it is astonishing that he has got so far....the election is just a month away...
And it must mean that Clinton 2 is going to be elected despite all her shortcomings!
As a script of fiction it would be a winner...but I fear for everyone involved..even the sorry man who sees a bleak future ahead of him rather than the glory previously determined .
The second debate occurs tonight.
It will be even more riveting than the last one!

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