Thursday, 20 October 2016

Blogging statistics!

Over the last week something odd has been happening wth my blog.
I try to post a blog most mornings...some very brief, some like yesterday a bit too long. Very occasionally I look to see how many of them are being read.....
An average readership is around thirty per day....
It occasionally rises to up to about a hundred if I hit on a subject that interests a lot of people.
Yesterday I noticed that some of my daily ramblings had attracted far more than the average readership. There are blogs which Google tell me have been read by over five hundred people....or maybe the same person five hundred times!
I am not convinced .
Some sort of admin error seems the most likely explanation...
But I would appreciate it if some of my fellow bloggers who read mine as I read theirs would check their statistics.
In the wider scheme of things it is of no importance at all...but it is always nice to know that people are reading it.
I have to own that even if no one ever read it I'd still blog....the habit of keeping a diary which started when I was a girl has persisted . The fact that I can post it on line as opposed to filling many old exercise books just makes me happy to be part of a world wide community...
Thank you God!

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