Monday, 3 October 2016

Bouncy hair!

On the last ill fated cruise I had problems with my hair.....Cunard water is much softer than the water here and this made it impossible to get my hair looking like it usually does...nothing special but tidy!
I stopped going to a hairdresser since I realised that in a small village the sole hairdresser gave everyone much the same cut.....I have been doing my own thing for years now!
Sitting next to me during the last cruise when I coughed my way through several events was a lady from Yorkshire. She told me that what I needed was a hot brush....
She showed me hers....after washing her hair she used it on almost dry hair to get a silky soft slightly curved suited her and when I got home I sent for one!
Getting used to using it is my main problem....
Too much and my hair stands up on its own...
This does not look in anyway does give added body....but sometimes this just results in very exaggerated curves which I then have to calm down immediately!
I'm not good with hair. Here in Cornwall I have learned to deal with it...the water is not hard like it was in Essex...years of hair neglect seem OK most of the's only when I'm away that I have to get some sort of control over I am the time I go away again I shall have got it covered.
For now I'm just trying not to frighten the natives...mostly my cleaner who will be here very soon...
I would send a pic but it would frighten everyone...the waves are reaching to the sky at the moment....I trust they will have collapsed soon!

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  1. Wow, A 'Punk' Jean!! :)

    Some Orange or Purple colour, a stud in the nose and perhaps black nail polish would complete the picture.

    I am imagining you taking a sedate BCP 8 Oclock looking like that ........ Frightening the horses wouldn't come into it :)