Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Car insurance....Arghhh

I received my notice yesterday detailing my car insurance for the coming year.
It was much more than I expected....I looked at the figures and wondered why it was so high!
Last year I lost my no claims bonus for the first time in forty years after someone ran into my car whilst I was in church doing a funeral .
I realised that I am going to be paying for this for quite a while....I now wish I'd paid for it up front without claiming for it....
I decided to ring them up!
I got a very accommodating Scottish lady and she broke it down for me.
When she got to my yearly mileage I was thousands of miles a year!
Hang on....I realised that the last time I'd spoken to them I was still living in Essex and driving backwards and forwards to Cornwall every month!
I told her that I now mostly use my car to get to the various churches on the Roseland..Even the most far flung one is only about twenty miles away...
It was when we got to my age that one penny dropped...
By their lights I am ancient...
The news that I was now a vicar didn't help...being an ancient vicar is clearly a liability .
I did get it reduced a bit but not really all that now if anything else bashes into me I shall probably pay for it up front!
I am already much more timid than I used to be , this might prove the ultimate deterrent in my rapidly advancing old age!
I wonder if those cars that drive themselves would suit me?
I have a friend with a new car that can park itself but as yet he hasn't trusted it enough to let would be the other way round for me!

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