Sunday, 16 October 2016

Dog collars from China!

Buying my clerical gear on first being ordained was both daunting and exciting..
I got a lot of advice and sent my measurements off to a firm who supplied me with albs, cassocks and dog collar shirts all made to measure.
Now twelve years later they are all still in good nick apart from the plastic slips that slide into place to make up the dog collar that we all wear.
Over the years some of these white slips have become tattered, bent and generally scruffy.
One of my Roman colleagues told me that he used fairy liquid bottles cut into neat little slips.
I reflected that that would be hard on the neck! My slips were much softer than that!
Last week after discarding several very battered dog collars it was time to act!
I went looking for spare dog collar slips on the Internet.
Eventually after some exploring I found some on Amazon. I sent for a packet of six.
It took over a week for the parcel to reach me but yesterday it arrived and I realised why!
They had travelled all the way from China!
When I opened the packet I found that they may well have been made from soap dispensers. They were very tough white plastic.
Also when I tried one out they were too fat to slide into place.
I trimmed one of them with my nail now does the job fine!
But why on earth did they travel from China?
Is there a big market for spare dog collars over there?
The whole episode made me laugh...just one more strange event in my life..and every time I use one of them it will amuse me I'm sure but my tender neck will have to bear the brunt....maybe a fairy liquid bottle would be a better idea after all!
Thank you Father Joe!

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