Wednesday, 12 October 2016


After two days with no internet the situation has now been relieved. BT said my first hub was faulty and sent me another!
By simply taking the wires out of the first one and putting them into the new one I am back on the net! Loud cheers all round.
What I've learned over the last couple of days is how much I now rely on it!
I searched in vain for several phone numbers I'd never needed before because I just sent emails!
I realised that I would actually have to go to Truro to shop!
Our local coop being closed a trip to a supermarket was called for....I can't remember the last time...about three years ago I think!
I felt cut off with no's ridiculous !
My mobile phone only works when the winds in the right direction.......
It all reminded me of the dreadful time when two days after my son died BT cut me off without notice....and I remained off for three weeks!
That period was probably the worst of my life....when communication was almost impossible....
Right now the relief is building up nicely to joy!
Thank you....everyone know who you are! Xxx

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  1. I had a similar situation last weekend. Somehow or other, microsoft downloaded the Anniversary Update for windows 10, which took all available broadband and broke it. It took two days to get it back online. Luckily, I was able to log onto a local hotspot to continue - but, getting the supplier was difficult, but eventually they replaced my six year old contract with a much cheaper one. So, a result, almost worth being offline.

  2. Having moved in to the Rectory on the 11th January I was without landline or internet until 1st June- the stress it caused was amazing. Trying to work as the new Vicar of 5 parishes with an intermittent mobile signal was near impossible. I feel your pain.

    1. Gosh Jante...yours was much worse thine mine...I don't know how you did it! Amazing determination !

  3. One of those cases of you just have to get on with it- but my stress levels were sky high at one point