Thursday, 27 October 2016

Liberty. London.

Something very strange happened to me last night. I found myself homesick for London!
I never actually lived in London, we chose to live in Essex but my husband worked in the city and commuted by train and I loved all my many visits there a lot.
At one time my husband had an office in Margaret Street which is close to the Beeb and was a five minute walk to Oxford Circus.
Some days if we had people to entertain I would go up early .
If I called into Liberties along the way I could tease him by appearing with one of their shiny purple bags often with something very small in it!
Last night The Apprentice was centred around what had been my favourite store for wasn't just the scarfs....the scent of it came back as I watched...
I realised a little belatedly that I had grown to love these visits...
I did not love the short train journey home. often late at night after a function.
But I did love the capitol most of the time...and for the first time last night regretted that I can no longer pop in and out of it...
I do still shop at Liberties. Their scarves are on line!
The sight of their galleries last night brought on a nostalgic memory...of a time and place I'd given up gladly in order to live in Cornwall.
One day I may go back...but not for long...just long enough to walk into Liberties , collect my purple shiny bag and come home happy!

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  1. We live 15 miles from Central London in North Kent, and having worked there (and I was born there) I haven't been there often since my wife retired from her TA Career, where she worked at the University of London, Officer Training Corps. It has changed hugely since I was a child, sometimes for the better, but the traffic for the worse.

    And in the last few years, the trains from here to London have been disrupted by all sorts of works - London Bridge Station is being totally rebuilt over 8 years, meaning huge diversions for commmuters, for that length of time.

    Cross rail has been built, but we don't benefit from it, as it stops some miles from here in Greenwich. So, our corner of North Kent is the poor relation as far as rail is concerned. London Underground also stops at Greenwich, as does the Docklands Light Railway.

    So, London is almost as foreign to us as it is for you in Cornwall.