Monday, 17 October 2016

My mistake!

I am still reeling from the shock results of a piece of stupidity I did yesterday. I returned my iPhone to the state it or its forerunner was in years ago!
Apple had again insisted that I up grade it.
After I'd done that several things appeared that I really didn't want so I tried to get rid of them .
Unfortunately I did entirely the wrong thing!
I used my lap top to upgrade it.
I forgot that it had been some time since the lap top had been upgraded....
I knew it had all gone horribly wrong when the picture on the front changed from my dear friend to my dear dog!
Horrified I realised too late that I'd sent it back years!
The whole episode was made worse when I tried to put it right .
Apple sent me a verification code to enable the iPhone. Unfortunately I couldn't open the phone to retrieve the code! It was stuck!
Eventually I had a conversation with a lady from Apple...she was very helpful once she'd grasped the problem.....
I will not bore you with all the strange arcane details of my stupidity.
But my phone is now missing all the photographs from the last two cruises!
The Apple lady says that as they are on the iPad eventually they may return.
The conversation with the helpful lady from Apple lasted well over an hour...without her I would now be sunk.
As it is I am just feeling very very stupid! How could my phone be upgraded from a machine that is still in the Ice age?
How I could have been so silly I don't know....this is a good one even for me.
I have accepted the lovely picture of my golden retriever back on the front!
But I am grimly determined to resist Apples next instruction to upgrade my is too damm short!

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