Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Problems solved?

None of my plans worked out yesterday. Various people arrived and having listened to my tale of woe about all the workmen arriving this week gave me some very good advice.
A friends husband arrived to sort out my loo!
His method was I think not strictly speaking kosher plumbing but it worked...a towel inside a black plastic bag was used to pump and lo..the blockage was cleared!
Another two friends told me the roof problems could be fixed locally in an afternoon, not the three days I'd been quoted.....
It seems I have joined the ranks of feeble old ladies to be taken advantage of...
I cancelled the three day job with some relief...it's the wrong time of the year to have a man on your roof!
Other small jobs need tackling but there is no hurry now.....
Friends have read me the riot act about jumping in too hastily...in a building of this age some problem are inevitable....so I have a much quieter week than I expected.
One of my neighbours is moving out this week and a couple from London are moving in .....I'm not going to be bored....
And the courtyard will be quite busy enough without my vehicles joining in....
Breathing in slowly now. My week got much better yesterday.

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  1. Well........They do say everything comes to he who waits.
    It's just a question of how long.
    Let's hope you can have a breathing space now Jean.

  2. It does pay to ask friends about things we're not sure off. Here, it's actually getting a tradesman to give a quote. The good ones are busy and the rest are cowboys.