Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Significant dates!

I get nervous at this stage in of the year...October is a month full of memories and mostly sad ones.
One date particularly holds many old miseries.
My daughter was born on this date. I had a small stroke immediately afterwards. One of my dogs died on this date.
My husbands first wife died too . So for him also it was a solemn occasion.
My son died .
This date is coming up fast....
I try very hard to laugh it's ridiculous to associate a particular date in the year as somehow malevolent.....and yet...
My years as an astrologer were not wasted clearly....a superstitious anxiety grows slowly in the days approaching the day!
I laugh at myself now...I tell myself not to be stupid. I don't look to see where the planets are every year as I would have done in the old days but I know that I will be very glad to get to the end of a tricky week!
Praying helps. Laughing at myself helps too....
Let's get it over with for another year please God.

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