Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Bible in order!

Having survived my bad day yesterday I have a treat today...I have a service in a beautiful little chapel in a village perched precariously on the cliffs about twenty miles from here! It is a spot I enjoy a lot.
In the old days David used to arrive at the end of the service and we would go out to lunch at a big hotel close by. Now I just come home!
Today is Bible Sunday so I've prepared a sermon invoking the ghost of Joe, the priest I met in Madeira who taught me so much in two weeks that it forms a sort of minor miracle in my mind during the time I was training for this job!
Joe's books are out of print now but they were used in seminaries all over the world.
I am taking one of them with me.
"The Bible in order" is wonderful....I use it very regularly as it contains both the Old and New Testaments in the order they were written and has the historical evidence as the back ground of the content.
I acquired this copy from a seminary in America.....
I woke early and it's still dark outside as I type this but I shall enjoy this morning.
The small Methodist chapel is beautiful and looked after with love. It is ecumenical and Joe, a Catholic priest would be surprised by his books visit to this unlikely place nearly as much as I will I enjoy it!
Thank you Joe and God!

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