Saturday, 29 October 2016

Time changes

I have an early morning communion this morning. Secure in the knowledge that we get an extra hour I didn't set any alarms but I have been awake for hours!
Checking the clocks to make sure that I have the right time I find that all the electronic devices have done it all on their own!
In the old days when I lived in a house full of mechanical , chiming clocks it was a real test after the first David died to keep them all tickling and chiming!
Now they are mostly silent...three house moves was not good for them.
I have yet to check my Apple Watch and got my old Longines out, to find last night that it had not been moved to summer time anyway!
Time is an odd concept...when I cruise, the ships time goes backwards and forwards to match the country we are in...this can be confusing at times...
The best thing about waking at four is hearing what's on the radio on Radio's definitely worth listening to!
Mark Mardell and Glenda Jackson kept me happily awake this morning..
Hearing various views on loneliness I was able to reflect that although I am alone in any normal sense of the word I am not lonely...
This is I think a happiness. I enjoy my quietness which gives me time to read, write and inwardly digest.....
My relationship with God is bumpy at times but He is always shout at occasionally. But there! Thank you God.

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