Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Watching so much of the Americans way of electioneering I , like most people here have a mind which simply boggles at both candidates but mostly at the posturing by the Donald.....
I have actually been to Trump tower.
It is a physical representation of the man I now see daily on the TV.
On one of our trips to New York David and I stayed in a hotel in Manhattan , a short walk away from Fifth Avenue.
Strolling past the iconic shops we found Trump Tower.
"Lets go in " David had spent his career in building...he was interested in it's structure.
In we went....going up the escalator to the second floor we had a wonderful view of the the first floor.
The whole place was built in marble.....bright orange marble.
My builder husband examined it closely and pronounced it real and very expensive!
"It's just about the most the most valuable marble you can find. I've never seen it in such quantity! "
Up on the second floor we had a coffee whilst gazing around the decor.
"It's very very vulgar" was my husbands verdict. "What's meant to impress is actually appalling with far too much orange marble"
I keep remembering those words along with his shudder of distaste.
We had a stiff gin and tonic after the coffee...we needed it before tackling the rest of the tower!
Trump lives in Trump tower....says it all really. The orange marble is just the exclamation mark !

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