Thursday, 13 October 2016

Trusting our politicians.

It's been a bad year for politicians. The referendum brought no one glory apart from Theresa May.
What is happening in America is simply amazing...both candidates have huge pots of cash it would appear...and after a while I have to wonder if it's the money that speaks...
Neither candidate comes across as "good"
To watch Trump attempting to bully his opponent by saying that when he gets elected he was going to put his opponent in prison...the rhetoric he used to make these points were scary....if he tried that tactic with any other heads of state at times of national decision, it would make the entire world a dangerous place!
In this country the referendum is bringing its own problems...a certain amount of anxiety in our politicians is evident .
Some very odd ways of dealing with it are aired daily...
I watch Jeremy Corbyn with sympathy but also awareness that his brand of Socialism which was once mine is now old fashioned in this brave new world .
I watched "Have I got news for you" where Nick Cleg attempted to rise above his failure as the deputy Prime Minister when his party all but disappeared in the last election.
This morning women are coming forward to say that Trump made unwanted sexual advances to them in the past.
The only good news on politicians is the fact that Michael Gove has shot himself so thoroughly in the foot that he may never run again...certainly no one is going to trust him after his appalling public betrayal of his friend.
How Boris is appearing in the eyes of the world now he is our foreign secretary  none of us knows though a few wild guesses might be interesting .
It's been a bad year for politicians. But a wonderful few months for us watchers...
No one could say it's been dull!

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