Saturday, 8 October 2016

Wasting food!

An email this morning from Apple News proclaims how much food waste occurs every day. The culprits on this one are the huge chains of cheap burgers thrown out daily and picked over by those in need shown in graphic photographs.
It is all too easy to get horrified by this massif food waste but it also brings home to me that I too throw out far too much most days.
For someone growing up during the war throwing anything out is a crime.
All our kitchen waste was put into a special pig bin. Potato peelings, anything not eaten during meals joined all things organic in the pig bin!
We did not waste anything. I hope the pigs enjoyed our offerings!
Now, living alone I find myself chucking out things that have gone over their sell by dates as well the remains of meals I am unable to finish...
This hurts! I hate waste but often I have to do it in order not to get food poisoning...
I regularly tell myself not to buy too much then if I've listened to myself I run out of edible stuff in the fridge and have to go to the freezer...
Cooking for one is not inspirational....I seldom feel hungry.
I do still cook as well as eating ready meals but there are meals I can't finish even though I use only tiny quantities.
Tonight I am going to the Harvest supper...I will try very hard to eat it all as we say thank you for Gods bounty . It would not be good to leave anything on my plate.

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