Monday, 7 November 2016

A rigged election?

No one could say life is dull these this country we are all watching how the Brexit decision will play out...everyone has a different stance on this one....
The present situation across the pond though is riveting and has taken centre stage over here!
How they got to this point is a question everyone is asking....but really it is serious.
Trump reminds me very strongly of one of my son's friends when they were around ten years old.
John was born with Down's syndrome. He was a big boy and both of my children were very good in that they included him in all their games...but John could be difficult....
Born to a well off middle class family he was used to getting his own way. We all tried to make sure that he was never penalised because of his disability.
Games of street cricket always come to mind whenever I think of him.
He could catch and he could hit the ball...his coordination was very good.
Many times he simply refused to be out!
My son would come home complaining.
"I caught him out mum....but he won't give us the bat!"
When he became a teenager his behaviour became a problem...
One day after being caught out the other thirteen year olds tried to get the bat off him.
"You are out John" I could hear the chorus in my kitchen.
John, red faced and furious swung the bat around regardless of who was close to him! The other boys did their best but it ended with John taking the bat home....except it wasn't his.
When the bat did come home to where it had been snapped in two!
John had made the decision!
His mum was distraught. He was getting dangerously out of control!
This sort of behaviour is what we are seeing in the man who would be the most powerful person in America...
"If I don't win it will be because the system is rigged"
All the other things pale into significance when I think of his finger on the nuclear button!
I feel that we are all involved in this election.. I shall be awake tomorrow night!

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