Saturday, 19 November 2016

Boating tales.

One of the wonders of growing old with IT is being able to keep company with old friends you would never see otherwise....
One of my Facebook friends sent me some old photographs by email yesterday....
Gosh we had fun!
We were I suppose in our fifties when we met.
David and I were in a lock waiting to get from the Cam to the Great Ouse.
The boat in front of us was not secure. The man was anxious to get it tied in .
"Take the rope" he shouted .
The woman leaned over the lock and said firmly, "Say please"
The man was getting cross....the water would soon be tossing us all around as it poured into the narrow lock.
The exchange of words continued..until David climbed out of boat, went up the ladder and took their rope!
When we arrived at the next pub after getting out of the lock they were moored up. We joined them and stayed friends for years and during those years we spent many weekends together, moored up near various good watering holes!
I tried to include a pic of me as proof that I could row! But I can't make it appear. So my IT skills are worse than my rowing!
But we did have a lot of fun!

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