Friday, 11 November 2016


I deliberately chose not to comment on the shock election result felt too raw....too unlikely!
When I woke up to hear the news it could just have been a nightmare.
It wasn't .
Now a day later I am worried.
I really hoped yesterday that all the things he'd said as part of his electioneering were just threats...hopefully empty ones...
But this is a man who seems unable to separate fact from fiction...
I imagine the meeting with Obama yesterday was cordial...I hope it made him aware of what he'd taken's not a glorious election to sainthood or fame. There is work to do!
It's when I think of his electioneering promises.......anti Muslim, anti Mexican, even anti woman as revealed in the leaked tape that I fear!
None of it is good...
I think the commentators who likened it to our Brexit shock are right...people are voting for change clearly....they don't like the world they are living in right now so by voting in huge numbers they are asking for profound change in their lives.
A huge amount of work would be needed to get it! I really do pray that he is up to it!

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