Wednesday, 30 November 2016


In a house where nothing is in the right place right now, getting all my ducks in a row is proving problematic.
Yesterday four of my family arrived and the decorator moved furniture around so we could sit and talk...thank goodness!
Today I have a midweek communion...
The last time this happened I was unable to unlock various doors. I did have the keys but in a great bunch failed to find the ones that would actually get me into the vestry, so I used my home communion kit instead of the church worked!
Today however I am reassured by our new curate that she has the keys and knows how to use them... thank you God!
Order is slowly being reinstated here...but next week the room to be painted is my bedroom....oh dear....
All this is whilst I am mentally planning Christmas ...and I have started writing the cards...
On Saturday we are switching on the Christmas tree lights down in the and the curate will do a double act!
Just a week ago my life was quiet and orderly....I now have several weeks of chaos until I set off on my Christmas cruise...... oh dear me! Or words to that effect!

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  1. Chaos in your home life and chaos in your church life - Advent is supposed to be a period of calm and reflective contemplation and expectant waiting - where has it gone in Cornwall?

    I suspect that amid the Chaos, your are quietly reflecting on the mystery of the nativity and the birth of our Saviour - at least I hope so :)