Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cheap rum!

This week I have been clearing out the almost empty bottles......that sentence speaks for itself I'm afraid...
The number of bottles with half an inch left at the bottom has become embarrassing...
I am trying to "tidy" the bottles around the place in face of a double event next week.
The decorator starts on Monday. Two days later four of my family arrive...just for the afternoon...but .....
We have a desperately ugly Chinese cabinet that holds the good stuff but on inspection many bottles have far too little left in to warrant a place in the face of all the others looking for a home.
The rough booze collected on various holidays has got to go!
So yesterday morning I started the process.....
Two cheap bottles of rum from David's and mine first holiday have languished untouched in their leather covered bottles are entitled "A present from Cyprus!" I think we did intend to give them away originally and I don't think we ever took a drink from them....they seem fairly full!
I took them downstairs to throw out but sentiment plus an unwillingness to waste anything means that I then put a drop in my morning coffee!
It tasted good!
Drinking in the morning is a definite no no. But that's when I drink coffee! On its own it's like drinking medicine but in coffee it's fine.....
I am fully aware of my first foot on the ladder....but I just can't fling it's only a small bottle, it won't last long.......hic!

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  1. Never real drinkers John and I used to bring home a bottle of liqueur from holiday. In his case Tia Maria and in mine Grande Marnier.
    Since he died I have given a bottle each year to the church tombola and have just given the last of mine away.
    The only thing I ever drink on my own is a very occasional whisky.
    Just last week I threw down the sink about two inches left in the bottom of a bottle since my last drink over a year ago.
    I must admit I have a full litre bottle of Grant's unopened waiting for my next lapse from Grace.
    Clearing out almost empty bottles gives a quite undeserved feeling of virtue:-)

  2. If you don't want to drink rum with your morning coffee, have you tried a little rum in hot milk as a bed-time time drink?

  3. As a teeototal person I should tut, tut, but reality is that my personal preferences shouldn't be imposed on others.

    There is nothing wrong with what you are doing - but I have been known to pour a full bottle of alcohol down the sink - because it had been given as a present, which it wasn't polite to refuse.

    Nowadays if that happens, I use it as a present or give it to a raffle. Recently, my SD who'd just cleared his house in France, gave me a case of wine - it was gifted to our Lunch Club for use as our Christmas Lunch - plenty of people there who like a tipple of good french wine.

  4. I remember fondly the days when a Rum ration was prescribed in the Army for particularly inclement weather.

    One tot was permitted per person and the one who doled it out, normally me, was very popular.

    Most put it into their tea or coffee, but the hardened, seasons rum drinkers, drank it neat.

    When you are out in the field, in snow and the like, it was a cheery thing to issue. But it required the Commanding Officers approval and signature before you issued it, and the cask was kept securely under lock and key, to prevent any sneaky drinking - each tot had to be accounted for - which meant ensuring that nobody came back for more, by checking their name on a list.

    Happy days.