Sunday, 13 November 2016

Day to remember!

The day we remember our war dead is always solemn and this morning a visitor from my previous church reminded me of a specially memorable occasion.
We were all assembled, robes on. Girl guides and brownies had their flags at the ready. I stood at the back of the church waiting for the various service groups to form themselves...
The church warden rushed up the aisle....was the bugler here? She was agitated....
I told her the boy who played the last post had yet to arrive. It was about two minutes to eleven .
"The bleep bleeping lad is always late" she said followed by a few more choice words...
"Erm, my mikes switched on" I said quietly. The entire packed church was rocking with laughter when the lad made his awaited appearance.
"You just can't get the staff these days" the church warden berated him, away from my microphone...
And off we went down the aisle.
The rest of the morning went well....they were all in excellent spirits, specially the crumbly ex servicemen!
I almost said "Let battle commence "
It was a very jolly group of old boys after the service....they had enjoyed the church wardens words....made them feel at home!

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