Saturday, 26 November 2016


It's just as well this is a quiet weekend. I have a lot to do......
It's not just moving the booze, it's moving everything!
The decorator will arrive on Monday.
Two rooms are being painted...I need to get rid of some old damp stains from years ago!
I could just live with them . But also there is a deep desire to get rid of some of the cream walls I have lived with for years!
In a house full of odd corners and daft arrangements it felt like a good idea to get rid of the "council house" cream.....
But now, just two days before the painting starts I am filled with dread!
I trust the painter and explained that I can't take the numerous pictures hanging on the walls down. He says he will do everything but I am still quietly dreading the invasion of my space....
Whilst the house is being done I will take care of Christmas....after Sunday we will be in Advent.
Cards will be written. Presents wrapped...
I will hide away in my office which contains a sofa...I will supply copious hot drinks , do everything expected of me but my age is against this exercise..
Next time I have a good idea about anything to do with the house please someone throw rocks at me!

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  1. Poor Jean. I know that feeling so well. My house is in need of total recarpeting but I fear it will never be done.
    Not because I can't afford it but I just can't bear the thought of the disruption. Also, there is so much stuff to be moved and nowhere to put it.
    I could go on making excuses for ever (and probably will) rather than face making the first move.
    What a feeble bunch we are.

    1. We are not feeble Ray....we are old!
      I've started on the first task now and am lying down exhausted....
      There's a lot yet to do...and I've already thought of ways of shortening the process...the gloss whites will do fine for instance otherwise I have to take a wall full of books down.
      I must have had a sudden rush of blood to the head to even contemplate this! So I might well be feeble in the head department.

  2. We have been meaning to refurbish our house for nearly a decade. We have the money, but not the will power.

    Like you both, the disruption will be enormous, and as we have 9 cats to care for, will disturb their routine enormously - as I write this, I have one cat lying against me purring and another in the arm chair that I am facing.

    We're comfortable, but the decor is a bit jaded and our wiring needs renewal and we need a new bathroom and the kitchen needs redoing.

    Dread is a good word. We intended to do it when I retired in 2009, but events took over and I don't have the time these days to stick around each day with workmen in. Perhaps when Jen retires in 2018 we might ...... but don't hold your breath...... we might not :(