Monday, 21 November 2016


Yesterday was not a good day.
I got up to find my outer kitchen flooded. I stopped putting the washing on and mopped up instead!
It's only a small area leading to the back door and down one step from the big kitchen. Having mopped up I made a cup of coffee...then gaped...the water was back. It's was raining hard outside but not usually in the house!
I put a big bath towel down to mop up the worst of it and drank my coffee.
When I went back the water had returned!
I assumed it was coming under the door, a new one not yet a year old.
I rang out the towel and put it back in place.
By the time I was dressed it was wet through!
Some time later I rang the firm who had supplied the door. They would come out during the afternoon!
In the meanwhile my cleaner had arrived...we stood and watched together as the water built up again.
"It's not coming under the door! "
We decided it was coming up through the floor tiles. I rang the door firm to say it wasn't the doors fault..sorry.
They said they would come anyway.
I explained to the young man who duly arrived that I was sorry to bring him out and that even though it had never happened with the old door I had jumped to the wrong conclusion!
"What happened to the other door ?" he asked.
It was wood....very damp and rotten in places so it had to go!
He nodded wryly.
He then tackled the door, put silicone around any dodgy places and refused a drink.
It's been fine since but then it's not raining....
Only time will tell....
Hours later..
Unfortunate it did tell. When I checked later water was flooding in again.
Then I watched the local news...wide spread flooding right though the South West...
It's never happened before but compared to most I'm looking lucky....
More hours later.
I was up during the night to see what was's not raining right now and we are dry!
I think that somehow we flood when the water table rises...
Compared to many people here my problem is a small far.
More rain is forecast for today...I am on red alert but there seems nothing I can actually do about it!

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  1. Living where you do,if you REALLY flood, then was are ALL in trouble. Hope you get out quickly 😊😊😊😊

    1. So far it's only my back porch and untility room....the lowest part of the house...I've got my Wellies out!

  2. Apart from our decorators and the central heating guy who are like friends we find workmen who come to the house will rarely accept our invitation to join us for tea or coffee. The universal response is "thanks, but I am good" or "I had one at the last place". We suspect it may be big company policy for the refusal.

  3. It sounds a bit strange Jean, living on high ground as you do.
    I have no idea how these things work but if it were me I'd get in touch with your local water board and just run it by them.
    Good luck, I hope it doesn't return.

    1. Thanks Ray....tonight I am dry! It's stopped raining!
      I have had a little man in who has described what happened as the failure of the runaway to take surplus water elsewhere....
      He is coming back to make a channel to divert surplus water elsewhere....
      It's most unusual here because as you say I am on high ground...but several inches apparently dropped last night....

  4. Sounds as if a Canal would need to be dug to channel that water away.