Monday, 7 November 2016

Fushchia gall?

Most of the leaves have fallen now. It's properly Autumn! I am tidying up as I go along...most of the apples are safely stored...
Every day I walk around the garden and today all the pictures in my Timehop app reveal that the new path is two years old!
A friend rang me yesterday to tell me that a new gardening problem was visiting Cornwall. Fushchia bushes are developing a seems to be travelling fast!
I have long rows of these bushes, all filled with bright red flowers right now...
My friend said I needed to get out fast to removes the unsightly growths...
Mmmm.....I seem to have had a year off this year from fighting various predators in the garden...
I've not put down any slug pellets, nor have I sprayed the rose bushes with anti greenfly stuff...
I'm not sure all seems to keep going without chemicals....
So this morning I will go out and look for the gall...but then I'm not sure what to do about it beyond just pulling them off!
In the middle of all the signs of Autumnal falling leaves I have roses still blooming. Various rhododendrons are in glorious flower.
Two small primroses are in flower together with some bright crocus!
It is still a great pleasure to walk around the two year path, snipping as I go...Davids last present to me is wearing well!
Since writing that I have been outside and I'm pleased to be able to say that not only did I find no galls but the wormwood seems to be absent too!

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  1. Good news indeed. Long may it last.
    Here there is still a lot of bloom on many things, but last night we had a very severe frost so that will soon be the end of the flowers.
    It is the first time this season that I've had to break the ice on the bird bowl with my heel.!
    I know your climate is very different from the rest of the UK, but perhaps if you have some frost it will kill off the gall.