Saturday, 19 November 2016

Guilty pleasures

Often I find it hard to admit to my guiltiest of pleasures.....they range from drinking too much milky coffee to doubles scotches...and drinking these whilst watching television just compounds the guilt ....
Some reality TV makes me yawn...some are interesting in that you can't actually believe what people are prepared to do in public!
But right now the main pleasure is in watching Balls on Strictly....
Oh dear!
This morning I found a clip of the gangnam style dance from last week on You tube!
With great joy I sipped my coffee and watched in fascination!
The man can dance! It's not the version of this "sport" we are used to but he has learned to move in time to the beat as he interprets the moves in his own joyful way....
And that's what makes it so good! He is enjoying it! And so are we!
Right at the start we all thought that he would go the way of previous big names....make a bit of a fool of himself and then go....
But no....he is learning how to actually dance the steps in time to the music. The amount of work he must be putting in is amazing but it is working!
From now on every time I am feeling down, in need of a brief pick me up I can turn to the clips of his triumphant romp through the media....and it will make me laugh out!
As a politician he is presently resting...but as an entertainer he is contributing to the gaiety of the nation....I hope he wins!

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