Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Moving the booze!

I have been very rash.
Today I have to start getting ready for next week!
On Monday next the decorator will appear. This is a man I trust who understands that I am an old woman who can't take pictures down and put them back as I've always done before.....
I have been putting this off since before David died....but the dark stains left by damp need to be dealt with!
At one end of the sitting room there is a built in book case. It is full of all sorts of things as well as books, not least bottles and decanters of booze.
Finding places to put all this is going to be interesting...
After they finish the sitting room they will start on my bedroom....so the spare room will be full....
The Chinese lacquer chest is very ugly but full of half bottles of interesting alcoholic drink bought all over the world...
I get on very well with the decorator. Last time he was here he did a brilliant job painlessly.
I am sure it will be the same this time...but it won't be painless.
Today I start....it will take several days before I get it painter friendly....and I'm not taking the pictures down.... he has said he will do that!
Once they start my main job will be brewing up and once again I am glad the chair lift is still in place...it will be very useful next week!
But next time I have a good idea for getting a man in to do something please talk me out of it.
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