Sunday, 27 November 2016

Names !

I have recently played a man called Jesus on the backgammon site. I found it uncomfortable.
When I lived in Essex one of the girls in the bank was also called Jesus according to her name plate but it was pronounced Haysooze which somehow made it better.
I suppose for a Christian calling a child Jesus would always be impossible but it's a great deal better than Hitler .
Which makes it odd that so many Muslims are called Mohammad.
All the time I was playing Jesus I found myself not wanting to beat him so I didn't...
It is entirely illogical to feel like that. And yet.....
When I pray I realise that I don't use the word Jesus. More often I pray to the Lord or a vague being I think is listening...
But in our worship liturgy it is often used.
Jesus, son of the Father.
On the first Sunday of Advent we are preparing for His birth...we are trying to make ourselves good enough to receive Him...
So I hope no more Backgammon players turn up with this Holy name...
I need to concentrate when playing all the people from the Arab countries who are I think taught this game in school....
Our conversations tend to be short and use the translations provided for us by the website...which makes any attempt at communication really impossible but I would love to know the story behind that name being used in the Middle East.
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  1. I think that it is also used widely ins Hispanic countries, particularly Spain, the Philippines and South America.

    Not sure of the cultural reason for it, but in some ways it seems to break the Commandment for not taking the name of God in vain :(

  2. It's very common in Spanish speaking countries, and they use it for exactly the same reason we don't - along with a string of other Holy names like Mary, Ann and Joseph, and attributes like Mercy, Peace etc.