Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Next of kin?

The process of joining "lifeline" was going quite well until yesterday. I had found a couple of friends willing to be informed if I pressed the alarm...
And then came the killer question.
Name your next of kin!
After going blank for a moment or two I realised that I had no name to put in the allotted space.
I do not have a next of kin!
All my nearest and dearest have died before me!
This must be fairly unusual I suppose but it must apply to other people surely?
I can not be the only person in the world without a next of kin!
Mostly it doesn't bother me...I never think about it ...the only people I might nominate now live a long way away.
The first time I was asked the question was last year when I had my small operation...
I can't remember now how I coped with it but this form I'm filling in is official and it's to make sure that the relevant person is informed of my death or worse, inability to function alone!
I am not brooding on this....there is nothing I can do about it...I just have to live with it and once I've died it really doesn't matter anyway...
It's just so weird... Over the years I have occasionally found other people with a similar lady living alone near here had driven an ambulance during the war...and had lost all her close relations..
It's not something I brood about...
It's only when I have a form to fill in asking me the question...
I must clearly avoid all forms!

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