Saturday, 12 November 2016

Too many scams!

Over the last week I have had multiple mails telling me various accounts have been compromised and will be closed down unless I renew my details!
Desperate scammers are on the march...
Most of them apparently come from Apple saying they have closed my account...stopped my emails etc....
People must fall for these scams so it must be worthwhile but the very number of them make me determined to just ignore them!
The one this morning from PayPal was addressed to "Dear"
I'm not even in PayPal let alone on affectionate terms with them!
The mails from "Apple" are easily dealt with. I send them all off to their phishing department.
The common factor in them all is the shaky English...the correct spelling is often encased in very odd grammar...
When I got the first scamming mails they alarmed they are one more small hiccup to the day..
I suppose some people may fall for these......I did for the first one...but the number that arrive suggest a growing group of people desperate to share Western prosperity.
Having almost fallen for a confidence trick quite recently I am now more than usually aware that "they are all out to get us"
I regret my suspicious approach to anyone I am not sure of , it's most unlike me...but feeling safe is very important to people living alone!

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