Friday, 18 November 2016

Winters approach!

Looking out of the window I see that it's blowing the trees and raining...not inviting outside today.
Winter it seems has started!
Considering the fact that we are approaching the end of November this should not be a shock but this year it is!
So far I am still dressing in fairly light weight clothes...I have yet to find my winter woollies!
I haven't even had a day when I needed to wear socks....
I managed a whole winter last year without wearing tights, finding wool knee socks were a jolly way of keeping cold at bay!
This year for the first time in the three years my central heating is working well! All my radiators are hot!
But it's still time to get the polo neck sweaters out....
Winter here in Cornwall is not the threat it was in the north!
Living in North Wales meant that snow was a daily feature to contend with...the local school used to send out a jeep to pick up the children in far flung homes...
This week I found some wonderful pictures of our cars completely buried!
Here this is no longer a threat....a tiny sprinkling of snow flakes makes life just a little more interesting very occasionally!
I am now preparing .....woolly socks have been dug out of their summer hiding places...
Yesterday I found a rain jacket I had forgotten I'd got! I have no memory of ever wearing it!
I really do have to get out more!

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