Wednesday, 7 December 2016


My painter will finish today.
He has done a wonderful job and not been any sort of a problem in the house...this is in contrast to the various men who preceded him.
It could be January before I get everything back into place...
Next week I have to start packing for my Christmas trip....the trick will be to find things...
Today I am going out to lunch with a friend...and finding something to wear for that has been.....interesting!
My hair is unruly . The only clothes I can wear are get into my wardrobe is an exercise in getting through great sheets of plastic! So I've settled for what I was wearing on Sunday, minus the dog collar...
I am very, very tired. It was the wrong time for all this but I am glad it's done.
My cards are just about written...bottles of wine are waiting to be bestowed, presents wrapped, I've managed to get all the incidental things done...but it's still been exhausting...
It will take several days to get the house straight after the painter has left...but there's no need to rush at it. That's what I'm telling myself but somehow I'm not convincing myself!
Next time I have one of my good ideas please someone stop me...I'm getting too old for all this. But the alternative is to  stit quietly and wait for the grim reaper to visit and I'm not yet ready for that....not quite!

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