Thursday, 1 December 2016

Alfi arriving.

We are at the end of the first week of the painter and decorator. My sitting room has to have its curtains and pictures back up and the furniture moved back into place!
It is looking lovely ....the man took pictures on his phone so he can get everything back into its original position .
This morning also I have a preliminary visit from Alfi!
Alfi stands for. "Assisted living for independence."
It's taken a little while but knowing how cut off I am here and how fast I am aging I have finally had to admit that I the future need help!
It's a pendant worn around the neck , hidden under clothing but that I can press if in need, if I fell, or got ill in the night etc.
People here have been telling me I need one...and I know they are right....but I had to come to it in my own time...and it will give me some peace of mind as I clamber around my old farmhouse...
My friend Michael had one which he did press before being taken to hospital with his stroke...
He had told me several times that I needed is on its way!
It's been the busiest week here for a very long time and it's not over yet.
We have the switching on of the Christmas lights in the village on Saturday and I have a big Advent service on Sunday and then the decorator is back on Monday to start my bedroom....
It's all part of the Christmas build up with little extras thrown in...but I'm looking forward to a lie in tomorrow....being up, dressed and ready to make the first brew of the day by eight am is losing some of its joy!

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