Wednesday, 14 December 2016


I listen to the news whilst I eat my lunch. Yesterday I had to put down my fork!
It was impossible to go on eating whilst hearing the cries for help from Allepo!
How can this be happening? The determination to win, to stamp authority on a small group of people has exacted a terrible scenario...the various death camps, set up by different races and beliefs are now History compared to the savagery being acted out in Syria.
People killed as they tried to find shelter, shot as they tried to remain in the security of their own homes.
What were the hardest to listen to were the pleas from those under fire and waiting to be killed that somehow they could be rescued, could be saved from the horror around them.
"Come now.....before it is too late"
No one who heard this could fail to be moved...
The oppressed appealing for help from friends...
Dear God how has it come to this?
What sort of mind thinks it right to simply kill or worse those who oppose them?
In the old days no one would have known it was happening until mass graves were discovered but today we hear, see it, feel it directly..
This morning some help seems to be being organised but what these people have lived through must leave it's mark on the rest of us.
What human beings do to other human beings wounds us entire town has been brutally destroyed...and many of its people with it..
All I can do is pray....and I do. Lord hear our prayer.

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