Sunday, 4 December 2016

Back to normal!

I am getting tired.
A week of non stop activity has taken its toll. It is in contrast to weeks of total quiet and introspection.
Things are happening all the time now. Every day brings a new challenge.
My diary brings no help during the next week. Something is happening every day.
At the same time I am still being decorated. My bedroom is going to be done this week. Just getting into my wardrobe is going to be a test!
To have this level of activity before Christmas is just some of the things in my diary may not happen...
Today though I have to move stuff like my pills and potions from my dressing table....putting them where I can find them during the week is the test!
The spare room already holds stuff from the sitting room not yet returned to its place!
All of this coincides with  starting my packing for my Christmas trip!
I know it will be worth it in the end...people who have seen my sitting room now it's done are very impressed...and my bedroom really does need a coat of paint!
Meanwhile...this morning I have the eleven o'clock service at my local church...followed by getting the recycling out for tomorrow morning...
Only then can I start moving my stuff off the dressing table...
Tomorrow morning in the middle of all this chaos I have an appointment at the doctors...I hope he's not going to take my blood pressure.......

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