Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Casablanca is a very cosmopolitan city....huge and in the early mornings very very cold!
On the previous outing we had all been hot! So naturally we expected similar!
However we were wrong.
Taken to a huge and very beautiful mosque we set off to explore only to find a distinct chill! Geographically rather than politically! We all got cold.
Once home I remedied this state with a couple of scotches!
I am aware of the slippery slopes , don't worry...
But it was an interesting city! Our guide was dressed in traditional robe and many of the people we met were also . The women , very well dressed had covered heads but always their faces were visible.
The various greetings I picked up by teaching English as a second language resurfaced but were not needed!
The overall impression was of a thriving Islamic state. I travelled with a group of single ladies and we eyed some of the shops with more than a passing interest... we did discuss going back for a proper look but once we been returned to our safe haven we got on board with some relief, rejoicing that we could dodge the traditional Boxing Day lunch of cold turkey and chips!
What has proved harder to dodge are the huge number of televisions tuned to various sporting events...I don't know whose playing who at what but dodging them all is proving testing!
It's been a very different Boxing Day than those at home......thank goodness!

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