Sunday, 18 December 2016

Dark and icy!

Due to illness I had the eight am communion this morning. It was the scariest drive I've ever had in Cornwall. It was dark but I was out in time to clear the ice from my windscreen and I let the car warm up before setting off....getting out onto the road I had difficulty seeing and stopped to sort the problem out. It was then I realised that the fog was on the outside!
No markings on the road were was a very tricky run to I expected it might just be two of us...but the human spirit is tough...another seven people turned up!
Now back at home the mist is clearing, the ice is melting and it's day light.
Just as well as I'm back for the next service at eleven o clock! There will be many more for that one..the visitors have started to arrive but anyone from up country will have had far more experience with fog and ice than we have down here...
It's all part of life's rich pattern...but I am glad to think that this time next week I shall be in much warmer pastures...digging the summer clothes out later!

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