Friday, 23 December 2016

Day one.

All sorts of odd things are happening....I can't find a way onto the Internet which works for me....yet!
So far so good. I have met old friends, all anxious to tell me how sorry they are about Michaels death.
I don't want to to talk about it so I am keeping a very low profile...
We are already in the Bay of Biscay. The waves are not too far.
I have got all sorts of remedies with me but I can't find them this morning....
I have to go shopping today!
I seem to have brought toothpaste but no brush!
The manicure set I did bring is the wrong scissors, just great clippers I never use except on difficult toes!
Hopefully I've sorted out the phone which had decided I was French and translated everything complete with odd punctuation into the Gallic language.
I am writing this more in hope than anything else.....nothing seems to be working right now.
But this ship is beautiful. We are heading south...
OK I can do this........

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