Sunday, 25 December 2016

Days to forget

Christmas Day is proving far more painful than I thought!
It was bad enough last year but this year I am finding it difficult.
The interdenominational service was very well attended...a packed theatre in fact but I wept.
Thankfully I had put a large hanky in my pocket and I did try to sing.
The nine lessons and carols service was beautifully done...I wanted to sing but every carol brought on unwelcome tears.
Just as well I was away from home!
Tomorrow we arrive in Morocco.
Casablanca in fact!
I have never been to Northern Africa so it will be a new experience...
"Here's looking at you kid! "
The words may be totally inappropriate but they come back whenever I hear the name.
I doubt I'll find any Sam Spade look alikes. But it will be interesting...
And hopefully it will cure my present blues....I'm running out of hankies!

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