Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Exploring !

We have arrived very early in La Palma, we got here rather earlier than expected due to a medical emergency.
This happens on board a ship full of ancient people. We have all got used to the various codes!
I have no tour booked for today so I am not rushing. I know I have been here before but I can't actually remember anything about it! So I will get off under my own steam to explore. A shuttle bus will,take me into town!
I am making friends as I go. Last night I sat next to a family from Lancashire who speak my language and know several people I used to know many years ago!
Another friend in the making has invited me to see her suite. She is in a very upmarket part of ship I've never visited...
Lots of new people and lots of new places to look at...
It's warm outside....I have been n my balcony in my nightie...
They have promised high temperatures for today so I will take a big hat as I stroll around.
Finding new people , exploring and seeing new places is for me iwhat cruising is all I make the most of whilst I can!

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