Thursday, 15 December 2016

Festive precautions.

Approaching Christmas is bringing some sad news as the cards arrive and the swapping of presents is giving me some odd moments.
I have now a small collection of beautifully wrapped presents as yet un opened.
I will not be taking them with me as I embark next week, they would be extra baggage I just don't need so once again Christmas will come early in this house!
Yesterday though this tradition was breached.
A good friend brought me an unexpected beautifully wrapped present.
"Pop it in your pocket as you move around your ship." She instructed...
I looked at it....the pretty gold paper covered a small oval shape.
"Open it"
I opened it. She nodded in approval as I found a small container holding antiseptic gel.
"Use it if you are moving around, especially using the ships loos"
She is a retired doctor and had thought this one through after listening to the tale of woe after the last cruise when I described the ills of everyone on board coughing .
Cunard provides antiseptic sprays as you move around the ship or leave and return !
To carry one around with you is an excellent idea and a very unusual but useful Christmas present!
It has got me thinking though...good friends recently returned from cruising tell me that I need to take a collection of cough medicine as well as my asthma sprays...
So I wonder....maybe a mouth mask, like the ones worn in operating rooms could be worn...
I wonder if they come in gold or silver!
It could start a whole new fashion!

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