Saturday, 31 December 2016

Fireworks later

The cruise has been OK I suppose but it was always going to be painful at times...given the fact that I did the last Christmas cruise with my friend Michael. I am astonished by how many people have greeted me by asking me where he is...
Once answered there is not much I can or want to say on that subject but the number of people I've met this year who have been cruising often is amazing...
I suspect I might soon become one of them but this is a good thing for a person with no close relations left. Whenever I sit down anywhere there is always someone to talk to.
The topics of conversation are also fascinating...President Trump gets most remarks....this is a mostly British ship with few other nationalities on board.
This week the relationship between Trump , Obama and Putin has taken centre stage...
It's the subject I hear on the various news channels available here.
I go home wishing I could get Fox News at home...but not enough for me to have Sky in the house!
We left Gran Canaria during the night and are now going to Madeira.
We should have had a day in Funchal but the weather is not going to allow us to land.
Very strong winds are forecast and it would make tendering potentially dangerous.
This is a disappointment . Last year I was able to visit my time share hotel and sort out my holiday as well as paying my dues.
I shall not be going anyway this year so it could be worse.
We shall still be moored off for the fireworks later...they were wonderful last year!

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