Friday, 9 December 2016

Good job! Well done!

It doesn't take long to form a habit! Every day this week I had to be up, dressed and ready to brew up by eight am.
My decorator finished yesterday but I'm still up, dressed and ready to work by eight!
I expect this new habit will break down into the old one soon enough.
But it is odd!
My gardener is already here and working and it's still quite dark!
The man who has worked here all week is due to call in at some stage. He is dotting all the i's now, tiny details are all that are left to do!
The fact that he is fully aware of those small changes makes it quite remarkable.
At the beginning of last week I was regretting my decision to decorate...and we did have a few days of chaos but it was all worth it!
He has done a wonderful job.
All my pictures, all the curtains, all the electrical paraphernalia are back in their places. He took photos in both rooms so he could get it all back!
It looks wonderful.....old damp spots, long cracks, scruffy looking window sills etc are all renovated...
The man himself has been an easy addition to the house. We have chatted as the week went by...and not once have I resented his presence!
So all is now well.....I'm sure I'll get back to blogging in bed in the early mornings but for now...I'm up, dressed, and ready to move all the stuff in the spare room back into my room....
In due course!

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