Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Old times and friends.

I am trying not to turn anti social this week. I should be glad when people propose visits...and mostly I am but then I catch myself offering very lame excuses as to why I don't want too many visitors right now!
In the run up to Christmas there are always too many things to do...
But is that just the reclusive Jean finding reasons why I have to simply get my head down to finish writing my cards...
The first cards have been posted and I am now getting calls from very old friends to say thank you and bring me up to scratch with their lives.
I have one old friend who rang me last night to talk about a period two decades ago . The conversation brought back some wonderful memories as well as sad ones.
The bottom line here is that all my old friends are just that! We are all old , talking about events twenty years ago...or even longer .....
The glue holding us together after all these years is often loss...and that is inevitable I'm afraid but it's not very Christmassy.
So I'm trying very hard this year to remember the funny things...and there have been plenty of those too...
All this, the cards, the phone calls, the visits give me pleasure but also make me very glad to be away for the festive season...
I can not spend my life regretting the passing of all those who shared wonderful moments, or desperately sad ones twenty or thirty years ago.
I still have things to do, places to visit, seas to sail....
All this reminiscing is not good for me....while I have life and can speak and write I much prefer to look forward.
There's a lot to worry about coming up....we are doomed to live in interesting times!

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  1. Memories are precious and sharing them with those who are left behind is important - but like you, as the years pass, more and more of those I knew and laughed with have also passed, some I only know when I read about them in a Regimental update or magazine.

    Even the circle of friends made in recent years since I left the Army is diminished by loss - and I am sure will continue to be, as inevitable anno domini and wear and tear takes hold. And our own turn will come soon enough - celebrate what time we have left.

    I do hope that your trip goes well and that you will blog it day by day, and we can mark your progress on a mental map of the word, drawing lines between points of the compass and land fall.