Friday, 30 December 2016


Yesterday I was invited to visit a friends suite!
Those of us who have cabins or state rooms know such things exist but I had never actually seen one.
The suite was big.
Getting one was something Michael and I had discussed but hadn't proceeded, in favour of having separate cabins next door to each other instead.
The suite was a two bedroomed apartment with a kitchen, a bathroom containing a shower and a bath and two very large wardrobes! It was beautiful .
My friend then told me what it cost her.
Suffice it to say that if I succumbed it would mean I could only cruise once a year instead of twice....
But it was beautiful!
They have their own bar and dining room up there and she had had to get permission to take me for a drink!
I was impressed I admit..
I have known other people from the higher echelons but have never been given a conducted tour!
Curiosity now satisfied I can relax...
It is not something I will ever do......I feel guilty enough about having my double cabin all to myself...
With a suite I could take a trip!
I am glad to have's much better than anything I imagined...but I know my place!
It's not steerage , it's very luxurious for one brought up in penury.
I am glad to have seen it though.

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