Monday, 19 December 2016

Packing again!

I was very tired yesterday after doing two services...but after a very good sleep I woke to the knowledge that I have just three days to get everything packed for the Christmas cruise.
This has already been started...but it's a question of memory!
It's a bit like Christmas cards.
Two people have already reported the fact that they have had two. Whereas some people may not get one!
I really should make lists....for both things...
Everyone yesterday wanted to know where I'm going...and lots of cautionary tales were told....have I got my sun screen?
Two people told me they were also cruising but not on the same ship.
I do know several people from previous trips who have been in touch and who will be there. This will be a help I know but I am already working out strategies for getting through the days at sea if it's too rough to walk the deck whilst we are navigating the dreaded Bay.
Last year Michael and I spent much of that day in the Commodore club, sampling some weird alcoholic beverages......
I am not sure that's a good thing  on my own...
But first I have to try to think of everything that I might need!
With three days before embarkation it should be fine....I think.....

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