Monday, 5 December 2016

Painting success!

Week two of the decor transformation of my house is underway!
The sitting room is done and most things are back in place. It looks beautiful.
This week he is tackling my bedroom.
It's going pink. Ahem!
Earlier everything apart from the enormous bed was moved out. Some of it is now in the sitting room or on the landing..but the bed stayed...
Before he went home the decorator moved a small chest of drawers back into place after asking me which side I slept on! I have got a lamp to read by too!
I've never had such a considerate painter before!
The whole second story of the house has been moved around and yet he has made sure that I can sleep and get dressed in the morning!
At my bedroom window is an old sheet tucked into the top of the window so no one can see in!
If anyone tried they would need binoculars in Falmouth to glimpse me!
I am touched by his courtesy and kindness and impressed by the methodical way he works...
The next morning!
Having just spent a night in my room I have now to find something to wear...
It's going to be an odd collection but as I have no appointments today it doesn't really matter......
There are no mirrors here at present so I it's all going to be hit and miss the run up to Christmas it is total disruption but the man doing it all could not be more considerate. Thank you God....I'll get some cards written today!

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