Sunday, 4 December 2016

World angst!

It's hard to imagine a quiet peaceful Christmas this year. Change this country the Brexit vote seems to have started a wave of discontent over the entire globe...
Trump seems set to upset other world leaders by his own naivety .
Politicians leaders as far away as New Zealand are just giving up...
The Italian prime minister resigns after shock poll results on constitutional reform.
Every day bad news hit the airwaves.
Banks have contributed to this feeling having gambled and lost a huge amount of money over the last few years..
There are good news stories to be found..but the overall feeling is of dread, of change, of a lack of certainty about anything...
New health threats appear.
Huge numbers of people are running away from war torn countries making refugee crisis anxieties for everyone even whilst we are sympathetic.
Far right groups seem to be gaining strength all over the world.
The approaching festive season will hopefully makes a small contribution to the feel good factor....but it's hard to imagine what 2017 will bring...
In small communities wonderful groups are helping those less fortunate. Lots of good news can be found but the slow build up of anxious global change is the predominant feeling this morning I'm afraid.

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