Sunday, 1 January 2017


Well! A whole new year. Dawning bright with fireworks in Madeira and me awash with tears! It's embarrassing I'm afraid....not something I thought was going to happen but memory over took me.
Last year Michael had guided me to the best places to see the wonderful spectacle and this year it was me on my own.
I warned everyone not to be nice to me....but they were which brought on the tears.
I retreated to my cabin, not wanting to spoil the night for everyone else.
So this morning I am greeted by a huge ball of fire rising slowly. The sun in all its glory!
Last night all the people I spoke to felt cheated by Cunard....we had all the expected to have a day in Madeira and we didn't get it...we spent the day travelling over medium waves...there was a sharp wind but nothing so bad that we couldn't have docked if we'd been able to.
The fact that someone had been killed during a tendering process on another ship was believed to have been the main concern for Cunard.
We shall never know the truth of it but one of my friends who had been on the ill fated St Petersburg cruise with us voiced the common opinion that the weather was not to blame for us being unable to get was simply a lack of forward planning.
What ever we will never know the truth of it ....but...
The waves are flat again. We are travelling onwards to Lisbon tomorrow.
It's a very bright day...Happy New Year to all of of you.

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